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SACRED INTERACTIVE – Culture Days 2017 September 18, 2017

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SACRED Interactive highlights the talent and skills of seniors of Parkdale. Enjoy Culture Days Ontario weekend festival and celebrate with us on Sunday, October 1st.

Join us in experiencing our senior’s leadership role in supporting one another and passing on their heritage to the young Canadians contributing to our diversity. Participate in the interactive session, learn a dance step, hear a folk story full of wisdom and laughter, make a knitted purse or a woven personal item.SACRED culture days poster web

SACRED Interactive event encourages you to exchange your heritage through a skill you have learned from your family.

The program will run four times from 12:30 to 4:30 with four repeat sessions. In each full hour session, you can participate in Storytelling; Circle Dance; Snack and Food Design; Knitting & Weaving.




We welcome seniors of all backgrounds aged 55 plus to join as mentors, facilitators and participants.  The project also welcomes volunteers (aged 14 plus) to the program.

Note: Senior groups meet weekly on Sundays from 2 to 4 pm in the pleasant and spacious basement hall at the church building,  201 Cowan Ave. – right next to Parkdale library.

Enjoy SACRED photo album and video playlist on facebook (no log in required).

#S.A.C.R.E.D is directed by Kalsang Dolma (co-founder and president of DreBu) -her artistic projects can be viewed at https://www.facebook.com/ArtKdArt/

The project is supported by Government of Canada (Federal) – New Horizons Seniors Program. Questions? please contact project staff, Lhamo or Woesal at 647-606-3386 or 647-267-7955 or email us at drebu.sacred@gmail.com


SACRED – Senior Arts & Culture Recreational Education Development September 18, 2017

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Senior & Culture for Recreational Education Development – S.A.C.R.E.D.  is a project that engages with seniors for social development through a peer mentoring model where seniors support each other by using artistic, cultural and traditional skills they have at their disposal.

SACRED poster web flyerThe project highlights the existing talents and skills of Parkdale seniors such as artistic, cultural, traditional and craft skills (painting, weaving, knitting, crochet, embriodery, story telling, singing, dance, cooking,  language skills etc.,) as tools to help resolve the existing barriers seniors live with and build capacity for all seniors through volunteerism and mentoring.

This community arts focused approach in social development, position the seniors in leadership roles where they utilize their knowledge and skills as the tools to interact, assist their peers, influence the younger generations, share their knowledge with all for posterity and contribute to community building. In sharing with both peer seniors and with community members of all ages and doing arts and cultural activities among the seniors of diverse backgrounds help develop new networks, enhance their social life, improve English language or literacy skills (in any language they would like to develop in)  and provide an engaging platform to participate in Canadian society. (more…)

TYPS Networking Conference 2017 August 17, 2017

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NOTE: The event concluded successfully – attended by over 150 youth aged 15 to 30 –  with great outcomes for participants (stay tuned for report blogs with testimonials etc, in October!)

Enjoy the album and videos from the conference on DreBu facebook page.

Join TYPS network as a member : typsnetwork.wordpress.com

EVENT post:

Join us for a fun and interactive networking conference on Sunday August 20. This free event will connect youth mentees with mentors. It will feature local youth panelists, talents, networking games, basketball contest, delicious lunch, refreshments and more.

Art of Networking:
– Youth Panelists
– Interactive Networking Sessions
Sports and Culture:
– Youth Artists and Musicians
– Basket Ball Three-point Competition
Health and Well-being:
– Yoga
– Dance
– Martial Arts

TYPS Youth Networking Conference
Sunday, August 20, 2017
10:30 am to 4:30 pm
Location: Masaryk-Cowan CRC, 220 Cowan Avenue, Toronto
Participants must be between the ages of 15 – 30
Get your free tickets now on Eventbrite: https://goo.gl/xCRs2A

Event Contact:
Lhamo: 647 606 – 3386
Chime:  647 760 – 2197

Join TYPS network as a member : typsnetwork.wordpress.com

TYPS – Toronto Youth Peer Support – Network July 10, 2016

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Untitled-4Toronto Youth Peer Support Network

TYPS (Toronto Youth Peer Support) Network is a project under the ACT YES program initiative of DreBu, a non profit organization based in South Parkdale. The project’s vision is to create a network for youth between the ages of 15-30, a space where they can seek support and guidance from peer supporters in a safe environment. By matching the needs of youth, specifically those dealing with various barriers (income, language, status, etc.) with the right resources and help, we believe we can unlock the potential that every young person has to succeed in Canada.

WHY TYPS Network Project?
The TYPS project was created in response to the results of the surveys completed by over 250 at-risk youth across Toronto in 2014 and 2015 (over 80% of those who filled out the survey were from the Parkdale neighbourhood). One of the main takeaways of the survey indicated that the majority of the youth felt confused, hopeless or stressed due to lack of network support, leading to a cycle of poverty, violence and isolation. In the many evaluations filled out by participants, they opted for an opportunity that would allow them to connect with peers in resolving issues or supporting one another. To help the youth who are facing these serious concerns, the TYPS network was created to enable youth to easily connect with peer supporters in established fields who can guide them through the problems they are facing.


Toronto Youth Peer Support (TYPS)- Himalayan Network addresses the need for building a sustainable youth-led and youth-focused support group for Canadian youth of Himalayan heritage living in the GTA. This network will  lay the foundation for TYPS Network Program by first building an effective and sustainable model. Three main actions of the project are: information resource and discussion focused social media sites; an annual TYPS networking conference; and a user interfaced website for direct access to receiving or providing peer support via all available mediums. TYPS Himalayan network is made possible with generous support from Laidlaw Foundation’s Youth-led Community Change Grant.


In order to achieve our goals, we are holding two promotional and outreach events in Parkdale this summer:

  1. Outdoors Summer Outreach & Fundraising Event – Saturday/Sunday July 16-17, The Event’s community engagement activities include, a face painting, henna drawing, bake sale and a games area to raise money for our project. The Launch event will feature networking and information sessions, entertainment, and refreshments to bring together potential mentees and mentors from throughout the city. The focus is to do outreach to the community members and youth.
  2. TYPS Network Website Launch Event in August will feature confirmed youth supporters and a live presentation on how to register as a member of the network online. The website features would be unveiled that include youth-focused resources in addition to direct access to supporters. 

    JOIN US!

    If you are a youth 15 to 30, resident of Toronto, we invite you to join as a member of our TYPS Network 

    To sign up for updates and become a DreBu member, join our mailing list by emailing “Add me for Updates – Membership” to drebu.org@gmail.com

    Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @DreBuMedia

Tax Skills Development Program July 10, 2016

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DreBu has initiated a new capacity building program this year to assist youth and low income families. Participants come to learn basics of Income Tax Filing and simultaneously file their returns with the help of a trained facilitator who guides the step by step process.

Over 10 DreBu volunteers received trainings as a basic tax filing workshop facilitator and assisted in running 15 sessions over a two month period from March to April. 30 individuals attended one-on-one tax skills development workshop whey they completed their own income tax filing using the Ufile online software.
Enjoy the photo album and stay turned for our future financial literacy programs.


To sign up for updates and become a member, join our mailing list by emailing “Add me for Updates – Membership” to drebu.org@gmail.com

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @DreBuMedia

© Copyrights  2016 DreBu – All rights reserved.

CB STOPT – Community Arts for Health March 9, 2016

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Cigarette-butt Bin Sculpture Topples Tobacco (CB STOPT) is a youth-led project delivered under the ACT YES initiative of DreBu. It is an arts and advocacy based community health project; a tobacco prevention campaign focused on youth and the community. Youth builds spectacular cigarette litter bin out of recycled material . The youth team members use social media tools to mobilize public support and community health education around tobacco prevention through contests and other interactive engaging methods.

CB STOPT Project Poster 3 web

The hand-built bins carry health messages around the adverse use of tobacco and substance abuse through creative words and artwork. An installation or unveiling event of the butt-bin sculptures are organized where all partners, youth leaders, participants and community members and other stakeholders are invited.
Through workshops and outreach works, the six project team leaders engage directly with over 100 youth (more youth and the public via social media campaigns) in Toronto in creating direct impact on tobacco prevention.

The project is made possible with support from the Investment in Youth Engagement (IYE) program of Toronto Public Health & Masaryk Cowan Community Recreation Centre (workshops space support). THANK YOU!

Check out the progress and outcomes of this wonderful project on Facebook page (albums).


To sign up for updates and become a member, join our mailing list by emailing “Add me for Updates – Membership” to drebu.org@gmail.com

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CLAP! Culture & Live Arts in Parks March 9, 2016

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DreBu, in collaboration with ten artists of diverse backgrounds and two environmental focused community organizations (Toronto Green Community and Greenest City) organized our first events of Culture and Live Arts in Parks Project.  CLAP! project’s goal is to get more community members to enjoy our parks in simple and creative ways that help raise awareness about our environment, arts, community, culture and diversity. CLAP! is also about celebrating being outside with nature, in parks for recreational purposes. The two innovative events of CLAP! 2015 -August and September  – created impacts that brought both immediate results and  sustainable outcomes.

CLAP Sep 26th Flyer

A small preliminary- a kick-off informal session – was held on August 29th 2015 that introduced the goals of CLAP! amongst community artists, musicians and members of the communities of Parkdale and Toronto. For the 15 out of 20 gathered at the event, it was their first time ever coming to West Lodge Park or knowing of its existence although many of us lived or regularly hung out within blocks from it. The participants reported raised awareness around the importance of using parks for community and arts based lively programs. The first session ended up as a small but very lively occasion to play some music, share our cultures and have conversations about parks and be with nature. We also learnt about the newly built community garden within the park that is supported by the City and managed by Greenest City, based in Parkdale.

The main event held for Ontario Culture Days Weekend on September 26th 2015 was a great success attended by over 100 local residents and people from across Toronto. Musicians and artists networked and exchanged their talents through collaborative and spontaneous jam sessions. 90 percent of the artists were from Toronto Immigrant Artists group started by Kalsang, who founded the group in spring 2015. They also shared their diverse skills set in collaborating through a jam session and public interactive where participants asked about the instruments or learned some of their history. Many took basic lessons on how to play drums or guitar or steel pan instruments. Children and mostly the youth participated in painting on nature and environment. Representatives from the two community environmental organizations interacted with public and participants on their environmental programs and projects that are ongoing so that more people can join or support their movements. We all got very lucky with a beautiful sunny day!

CLAP!  initiated a social media campaign to support increased environmental knowledge through use of green and park spaces in our neighborhoods. Friends of Parkdale Parks is an open group on facebook for residents, visitors or organizations to post their events and activities in the parks of Parkdale. We encourage all to use #ParkdaleParkFriends whenever you post a photo or experience in one of the several parks in Parkdale. We will continue to support this campaign in collaboration with residents, park lovers, community and environmental organizations in across Toronto and beyond.
We would also present the feedback generated from park users through this campaign as well as many important feedback we have already received through the two events at Westlodge Park to our ward 14 councillor, Gord Perks. For instance, many participants asked for benches, tables, washrooms, water fountains and other important gaps they identified at West lodge Park which are much needed for and by the community residents.

CLAP! 2015 events are part of a TD Parks Builder Project funded by Park People – Toronto Alliance for Better Parks.

Note: All testimonials from event participants including feedback on improvements of West lodge Park (165 Lansdowne Ave, Toronto) for community/public use are shared as captions of the photos in the album on our facebook page.

ENJOY the Photo Album of CLAP! 2015


To sign up for updates and become a member, join our mailing list by emailing “Add me for Updates – Membership” to drebu.org@gmail.com

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Youth Engagement in Politics – YEP (Ward 14 MP Debate & DeClutter, Get Involved in Politics Networking Event) September 9, 2015

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DreBu is happy to announce yet another civic engagment youth-led project with the YATAV members. Last year, in the wake of the Toronto municipal election fever,  for three months, members of YATAV and DreBu worked together in organizing a civic engagement event that  featured youth-desired activities such as music and video games for engagement tools. Over 35 youth participated and learned about the importance of advocacy and voting to participate in our democracy for positive outcomes and a vibrant civic society.

The current YEP project and its’ events are  part II of Youth Civic Engagement work led by DreBu and YATAV members under our ACT YES initiative that began in September 2014. Two events are hosted on the same evening on Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015 in Parkdale at the Tenant Cafe (1267 Queen St. West) : Youth Networking Event engages participants through a “DeClutter” activity where an item is exchanged for another item that has a story behind it (every thing has a story!) followed by an interactive discussion and workshop around youth issues, advocacy, equity and the power of voting in a democratic society. The event is then followed by the #Ward14MPDebate featuring ward 14 MP candidates for the upcoming October 19th Federal Elections. The Debate is youth-led and livestreamed.

The #Ward14MPDebate event  was a great success attended by over 150 people including 50 youth. Enjoy the photo album here.

Stay tuned for more events under YEP project and follow us on Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram @DreBuMedia

The project partners are DreBu, Laidlaw Foundation (Pop-Up Grant), Parkdale Community Legal Services, YATAV and The Tenant Cafe.  Led by five youth leaders aged 18 to 30 (Gelek Badheytsang – Co-founder of DreBu, Tenzin C. Lhunkhang, Tenzin Lhakdon, Sonam Lhadon & Tashi Lama. Mentored/directed by Kalsang Dolma (Chair & Co-founder, DreBu).

Featured image

Youth Building Resilience from Immigrant Challenges – BRIC – Project August 24, 2015

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The Youth BRIC (Building Resilience from Immigrant Challenges) Project is an immigrant- and youth-focused digital storytelling project powered by DreBu through its ACT YES program initiative (https://drebu.wordpress.com).

The project’s video series (on youtube) tell nine individual stories of youth who moved to Toronto with their families. Some of them landed here a few years ago as adolescents while others arrived as children. Each youth BRIC story is unique on its own and yet they all focus on unraveling many complex and systemic immigrant youth challenges. These stories of youth resilience are an important outlet that serve many important purposes. They share ideas on: how things can be improved; the way young immigrants deal with new or difficult situations; and ways in identifying the types of support-systems that work and the gaps that exist. We hope that the videos will be used by all community stakeholders including parents, educators, social service providers and policy makers in Canada.

Youth BRIC stories are published in three languages – English, Tibetan and Tamil on the project’s Facebook page as separate albums.

Youth BRIC project was conceived in September 2014; actual process – story writing/sketching workshop sessions and shootings – began in December 2014. The project members are youth aged 15 to 23, with one adult supporter to direct and guide the whole process. The story-writing workshop was presented by Kalsang, while the rest of the workshops—sketching, social media communications, video rehearsals—were all facilitated/presented by the youth team members (Lhakdon/Merve).

The project is made possible with generous support by the Speak Up! grant of the Canadian Council for Refugees Youth Network (http://ccrweb.ca/en/youth/youth-network).

BRIC TEAM (December 2014 to March 2015):
Tenzin Lhakdon (Project Leader)
Sonam Lhadon: Team Leader (Budget)
Lathuchan Sinnarajah: Team Leader (Materials)
Karma Phuntsok: Team Leader (Errands)
Merve Younussi: Team Leader (Story Art)
Tenzin Dekyi Sonam: Team Leader (Social Media)
Chosang Tenzin: Team Leader (Filming & Editing)
Tsering Choedon: Team Member
Dickey Dolkar: Team Member
Bipin Aasi: Team Member
Tenzin Chokden Augarshar: Team Member
Leeshara Thapa Magar: Team Member
Tenzin Palkey: Team Member
Tenzin Yankey: Team Member
Kajeetha Sarvananthan: Stories Translator (Tamil)
Urgyen Norbu: Stories Translator (Tibetan)

Video Shot and Edited by:
Tenzin Chosang

Project Director: Kalsang Dolma Chair & Co-founder – DreBu

Funders and Partners:
Canadian Council for Refugees – Youth Network (Speak Up!)
DreBu – ACT YES Program

Note: Free for download or screening (videos on youtube – link provided above) by individuals and non-profit organizations worldwide only for educational purposes. No parts of the video or stories can be edited or altered in any manner without prior permission from DreBu.

© Copyrights 2016 DreBu – All rights reserved.

Youth Action Team Against Violence – YATAV October 14, 2014

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DreBu is happy to announce a youth-led project, Youth Action Team Against Violence (YATAV).

YATAV  is a youths’ collective voice and action for violence prevention and vibrant communities. The group was first concieved by five Canadian Tibetan Youth from Toronto and DreBu’s Chiar/Co-founder, Kalsang.  After hundreds of hours of discussions, meetings and brain-storming sessions between Kalsang and six youth leaders (Tashi, Choden, Lhakdon, Chokden, Agar and Tsewang) over a several month period, YATAV became an official group in July 2014.

YATAV’s members contribute towards DreBu’s ACT YES program initiatives and help initiate youth-led projects or participate in them.

The group’s works are based on a preventative and socially innovative model that is anti-oppressive, equitable, engaging and inclusive. Although the current project’s community focus is the diaspora Tibetan youth in Toronto, the project activities remain open to all youth in communities across Toronto and Canada.

YATAV focuses on advocacy, youth engagement, leadership, discussion forums, research, youth resiliency, peer support and violence prevention scholarship funds.

In October 2014, YATAV members helped lead an event, Youth Civic Engagement for Violence Prevention supported by DreBu’s ACT YES initiative.  The event featured  youth-desired engagement activities where youth immersed in the discussions around civic engagement through live music, karaoke and gaming activities. This event was supported by Laidlaw Foundation Pop-up Funding program. It was a successful event with great outcomes, attended by over 35 youth. Learn more about the event here on Facebook.

YATAV is seeking diverse partners for collaborative works and hope to achieve its’ many objectives one step at a time in helping create a more vibrant youth community. Anyone interested in joining as a member of YATAV can write to drebu.org@gmail.com with subject: YATAV membership.

Stay tuned for more news! For updates/events/photo albums , please visit our facebook page.