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Youth and Children Make Hand-crafted Roses for Mother’s Day May 14, 2013

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DreBu organized a beautiful and engaging event on saturday, May 5th 2013 for youth and children to come together and learn how to hand-craft roses using simple materials. It was a full day event of enjoying momos (Tibetan dumplings), sipping tea with delicious cookies, drinking fruit juice and sharing/building skills.

P1130589 (300x400)

A traditional Tibetan blue and white picnic tent was put up at the backyard  of Karma Sonam Dargye Ling in Parkdale, Toronto.

P1130528 (400x300)Everyone hung out outdoors in the warm morning sun and then those who stayed on to keep making roses moved into the cool shades of the cozy tent later in the afternoon.

P1130585 (400x300)

Here, the little brother is trying to get a few roses from his sister who focused on first learning and then making a bouquet of roses (3 roses each for their mom and aunt) as gifts for Mother’s day. The brother seem surprised as to how she actually made all of them within a few hours!

P1130576 (400x300)

Everyone who came out to the event spent memorable and productive time together making roses while learning from and sharing skills with each other. The youth and children kept on making more and more roses as if they never wanted to leave until the sun went down!

P1130538 (400x300)

Using foam, curling wires, ribbons, and  barbeque sticks as base materials, 10 youth, two children, four seniors and five adults got together to learn how to make roses with your own hands.

P1130570 (400x300)

They then spent hours together sharing stories, learning from one another and making colourful bouquet of roses to be gifted to mothers on May 12th – Mother’s Day.

P1130608 (400x300)

DreBu would like to thank all volunteers, participants and visitors who came out to support this event. Enjoy more photos from the event posted in our facebook  album here.



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