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1. Community Arts & Engagement for Diversity-

DreBu connects organizations and groups or individuals that seek diverse representation of arts or culture with artists and musicians of Tibetan Heritage to promote diversity.

Canadian Artists of Tibetan Background are supported and  encouraged to participate in the Canadian Arts and Culture scene, collaborate with artists outside of immediate community in producing original content and contributing to a diverse and rich Canadian culture. The program also refers artists to the available opportunities to networking, collaborating and seeking funding sources to execute creative projects for both personal artistic development and for a vibrant social  community. In 2015, Kalsang founded the group, Toronto Immigrant Artists in order to help establish a network of immigrant artists that artists of all immigrant backgrounds (including Tibetan) could reach out to and collaborate with.

Since 2009, DreBu has organized interactive public events that helped feature a number of Tibetan artists through collaborative works such as Road to Asia, LabCab, Culture Days and others. DreBu was one of the first organization member of Neighbourhood Arts Network, when it began in 2011. DreBu’s events were on the bright spots list of 2012 ON Culture Days Weekend. In 2015, DreBu collaborated with Toronto Green Community to help launch a community arts and environmental initiative called, CLAP! -Culture and Live Arts in Parks! – supported under the TD Parks Builder Project of Park People.

  1. Language for Community Development –

Tibetan is increasing becomingly a second language inside Tibet, where its’ use has been  suppressed or discouraged fuelled both by political and socio-economic factors. Our language is fast disappearing to the point that less and less Tibetans around the world – both in diaspora and within Tibet – speak it or understand it. It is imperative that we find creative ways to upkeep the evolving nature of the use of Tibetan in everyday life.

Since 2014, DreBu’s founder, Kalsang started exploring ways to come up with innovative projects that can encourage speaking Tibetan Language, making it more engaging and interesting. In the spring of this year, 2016, Kalsang and a few members of DreBu started the new initiative and social media focused campaign titled, Speak In Tibetan – #SpeakInTibetan.

#SpeakInTibetan – (#བོད་སྐད་རྒྱག) – Campaign: This social media based campaign is to help drive speaking in Tibetan as an everyday language along with the languages of the countries the Tibetan diaspora has adopted. The goals of this campaign include recording the dynamism of the Tibetan language;  safeguarding the social fabric of our society; maintaining a healthy intergenerational relationship and connecting with one’s identity while contributing to Canadian diversity and world’s culture.

We are asking everyone who speaks in Tibetan to start documenting glimpses of activities that are dear to us and post them on your personal social media pages under the hashtag, #SpeakInTibetan (#བོད་སྐད་རྒྱག). DreBu would extract all works under this hashtag as a historical compilation project to ensure the continuum of our mother tongue.  Help us keep Tibetan language alive, dynamic and thriving! 


Advocacy Culture for Youth Engagement Success (ACT YES):

Launched in 2013, ACT YES program extends support and mentorship of youth-led and youth-focused initiatives or groups that work towards social justice and development of youth communities in Toronto (Canada) and in Tibetan Diaspora world-wide. The program focuses on youth and its’ leadership role in our society. The goal of the program is to provide youth with a supportive platform that is based on experiential learning to achieve successful community engagement. ACT YES  projects provide skills development opportunities and positive socio-economic outcomes for youth 13 to 30.

Since its inception, the ACT YES program has engaged directly with over 500 youth producing successful outcomes that included, youth resiliency and leadership to civic engagement and tobacco prevention. The projects supported under the program include: Youth BRIC video series, YEP (Youth Engagement in Politics), CB STOPT Tobacco Prevention. Since 2014, DreBu ran a youth issues survey completed by over 250 youth across the GTA (with over 75% participants from South Parkdale) who were largely at-risk and of immigrant background. The results of the survey study led to our current ambitious project, TYPS -Toronto Youth Peer Support – TYPS Network that began in June 2016. Read more on the program here

Financial Literacy & Socio -Economic Development

DreBu Tax Skills Program – Launched in February 2016


To sign up for updates and become a member, join our mailing list by emailing “Add me for Updates – Membership” to drebu.org@gmail.com

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